Province of Grace Ministries


Wisdom In Relationship (VII) by Pastor Innocent Eleke


"Only Luke is with me.Get Mark and bring him with you for he is PROFITABLE to me for ministry (Tim 4:11)
Here comes another wisdom in Relationship.
In associating with people,the aim is not to suffer loss in any way. If you hang around people or they hang around you for some time and there is no PROFIT either to you or to them,no need to continue because fruitfulness is divine.
Anything that does not produce will reduce.
It is either you are rising by your network or you are reducing.Never hold on to toxic relationship in the name of sentiments.
Life is too business like for a man to hold on to losses in order to appear nice. Check the PROFITABILITY TODAY and do the needful.
When Judas became toxic Jesus declared his place let another take.
God give you profitable people
God make you profitable.
It is a two way thing
Never be toxic and be looking for profitable people.
Let this meet you well.

03 Jun 2020