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Wisdom In Relationship (XXIX) by Pastor Innocent Eleke


"...for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous" (Deut16:19, *KJV*)
In every relationship, giving and receiving of gifts is acceptable. Giving someone a gift can be a symbol of love, appreciation and a way of showing value. Having said this, it is important we understand the nature and the power of a gift so we know how to handle such in relationships.
Please, bear in mind that gifts as ordinary as they seem can affect a person's heart, disposition, and even sense of judgment. Since this is so, we must be careful how we give and receive gifts in relationships. Some make the mistake of seeing gifts as tools of control and as such become very manipulative.
On the other hand, some just go on and receive gifts without discretion or knowing that gifts can blind the eyes and make one to misjudge issues. It is wisdom never to come to a point where it is difficult to say your mind in a relationship because you have been MUTED with gifts.
In some relationships, people may have a wrong notion. They feel giving you things means buying you over. Beware of this. They even quote scriptures out of context by saying, "To whom much is given, much is expected." So, they flood you with gifts with an expectation in the future from you which if you fail to respond to causes crises in the relationship.
I have heard people say, "You think I was stupid all the while I was investing in you."? So, they gave and looked forward to a dividend. This is a wrong mindset of giving in relationships. If you get someone by gifts, be ready to sustain him/her by gifts. Relate normally and garnish the garden of the relationship with occasional necessary gifts.
Gifts must be given to appreciate and not to lure someone into anything against one's will. STOP BEING MANIPULATIVE AND CALLING IT GENEROSITY. These are two worlds apart.
To all who receive gifts, be sure your mind and heart is intact. Ensure your judgment has not being compromised. Be guided and live freely. Never come into bondage in the name of relationship by over-accepting gifts. There is nothing new under the sun. You are not a creature of pity but of value.
Hope this meets you well?

03 Jun 2020